Vestnik I. Yakovlev Chuvach State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of a limit state

Bulletin of the Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of Limit State

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Metadata (abstracts and keywords) for the articles in the journal

Number: 1(39) Year: 2019 Amount articles: 13
1.On the theory of torsion of composite cylindrical rods
B. G. Mironov, Yu. B. Mironov
2.Rational coordination of reinforcement structures and deformation fields under axial loading of composite rods
Yu. V. Nemirovskii
3.On the thermomechanical orthogonality principle for problems of complex continua and metamaterial modeling
V. A. Kovalev, E. V. Murashkin
4.Exact solutions of the equations of anisotropic theory of plasticity
S. I. Senashov, I. L. Savostyanova
5.Theoretical calculation of vibrations of thin-wall ferro-concrete shells with different modules of elasticity
O. Ye. Sysoyev, K. Q. Qahorov, Y. O. Sysoev
6.The investigation of the stress-strain state of a conical tube by perturbation method
N. V. Minaeva
7.Tension determination in the elastic area of a thickwalled pipe on condition of transmitting anisotropy and Mises–Hill anisotropy plasticity
S. O. Fominykh
8.Study of the interaction of microwave electromagnetic fields with structures from the cured cfrp with embedded distributed in volume of metal elements
I. V. Zlobina
9.Temperature stresses in a sphere made of a hardening material
A. V. Tkacheva
10.Experimental analysis of deformation damage
W. Y. Travin, N. D. Tutyshkin
11.Calculation of stresses, strains and displacements in a rotating disk under creep conditions
A. S. Begun, L. V. Kovtanuk
12.Uniform stretching of a thin anisotropic plate with a circular aperture backed up by inclusion, under the condition of resistance to separation
S. V. Matveev, A. N. Matveeva, S.V. Tikhonov
13.Оn the determination of the stress-deformed state of the composite strip
A. V. Nikitin

Number: 1(39) Year: 2019 Amount articles: 13