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Requirements for articles to be published

An example of an article in PDF template of an article in the program Latex.

For the publication of scientific works in editions of the magazine "I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University Bulletin. Series: Mechanics of a limit state" accepted articles relevant scientific requirements, the general direction of a series of magazine and capable enough to interest a wide range of Russian and international scientific community.

The proposed article in the material must be original, not previously published in other printed publications, written in the context of the current scientific literature, and also contain a clear element of creating new knowledge.

All of the articles tested in the "Anti-plagiarism" and sent to an independent (internal) review. Term review - 1 month. The decision to publish is taken by the Editorial Board based on the reviews.

Periodicity - 4 issues a year.

Directions: "Mechanics"

RULES OF Text of the article

The article is available in Russian and English in print (A4) and electronic (e-mail: predel21@mail.ru) forms.

Before the title of the article is put down UDC code http://teacode.com/online/udc.

Title, list of authors in alphabetical order (name, place of work, the index and address of the workplace, academic degree, title, position, e-mail, cell phone), abstract, keywords, bibliography should be presented in Russian and English.

The main text of the article should be divided into sections for ease of reading and contain a brief summary at the end, or the results obtained. It may not be included in the title of the formulas and text annotations.

The paper should not exceed 20 pages of text, illustrated no more than 5 figures and 5 tables. The base font size - 11 points.

Captions should be placed below the figure and include a brief description, and possibly an explanation of used symbols and symbols Index of the table should be placed at the top right of the table. Table Header (and the table itself) must be centered across the width of the main text. Figures and tables assume sequentially numbered. It is not allowed to place in the text and tables of figures until the reference in the text.

The text should be prepared by means of publishing LATEX2ε with style predel.sty.

Preparation of the electronic version of the article by other means to be agreed upon in advance with the editors.

In the preparation of the electronic version of the article should take into account the following recommendations:

a) when dialing article is necessary to distinguish the following punctuation marks and control sequences corresponding to them: single hyphen ("-"), the double hyphen ("-") (corresponding control sequence has \ cdash - ~), triple dash ("-" ) (The corresponding control sequence has \ cdash--). Single use hyphens in compound words; double hyphen is recommended to indicate the range of numbers and "double" names; triple dash is a dash;
b) Use only permissible reverse quotes (") with the control sequence \ textquotedblright;
c) invalid location next to two or more closed or opened staples of one species. It recommended attentive to balance brackets;
d) You can use the following commands to switch fonts: \ rm, \ it, \ bf, \ sl and standard font family AMS using the following commands to switch fonts \ mathbf, \ mathcal, \ mathfrak. Using other fonts must be agreed with the editors of the magazine.
Bibliographic list drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.05-2008 order citation after the main text. No more than 20 sources.

References to the literature mentioned in the text are mandatory and are in square brackets, for example [14, p. 28]. Links to foreign sources are shown in the original language.

Quoting with the command \ cite the relevant label. References to unpublished works are not allowed.


Illustrative material (figures, tables, diagrams) is prepared by standard means of LATEX. Drawings can also be prepared in a graphics program and submitted in format EPS. Electronic submission of the photos are only allowed in EPS or TIF format with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. In the case of non-standard style files author is obliged to provide the necessary editorial style files. Changes in the standard style files are not allowed.

The graphs should be marked net (preferably square) with the designation of divisions. Recommended size figures - 11-15 cm 5-15 cm horizontally and vertically. It is necessary to carefully monitor the exact match symbols in the text and figures, and the similarity of fonts. Inscriptions cluttering the drawings, shall be replaced by numbers or letters, and included in the captions. Sami captions should be as brief as possible.

The editors reserve the right to require the author's better performance of graphics;


For the mathematical notation is recommended to use as much as possible standard and the most simple symbols. Do not use the indices of the letters of the Russian alphabet. Vectors and tensors performed in bold.