Vestnik I. Yakovlev Chuvach State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of a limit state

Bulletin of the Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of Limit State

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Metadata (abstracts and keywords) for the articles in the journal

Number: 4(46) Year: 2020 Amount articles: 20
1.About applicability of the Winkler model for contact interaction of cylindrical elastoplastic shells with an elastic filler at external pressure
V. G. Bazhenov, E. V. Nagornykh, D. A. Samsonova
2.On three-constant potentials in polar continua
V. A. Kovalev, E. V. Murashkin, Yu. N. Radayev
3.On the theory of linear micropolar hemitropic media
E. V. Murashkin, Yu. N. Radayev
4.Experimental modeling of technological stages of the formation of a high dimensional-geometric bimetallic casting
E.E. Abashkin, N.A.Bogdanova, S.G.Zhilin, O.N.Komarov, V.V.Predein
5.Piecewise linear approximation of boundary conditions and solutions in problems of 1d nonstationary dynamics of heteromodular elastic media
Anastasia A. Lapteva, Victoria E. Ragozina, Olga V. Dudko
6.Influence of initial imperfections of thin-walled cylindrical shells with loose aggregate on their bending stability
M. V. Petrov, E. G. Gonik, B. V. Mikhailov
7.The problem of the interaction of a conical indenter with an elastic cylinder
Iu. V. Astapov, M. Iu. Sokolova, D. V. Khristich
8.Harmonic waves of a given azimuthal number in a micropolar cylindrical waveguide
Y. N. Radayev
9.The limit forming estimation of multi-stage thin-walled vessel forming process
A. V. Kazantsev, I. E. Keller
10.On the determination of the voltage field in the eccentric tube, from an aging elasticplastic material
D.V.Gotsev, A.V.Kovalev, А.I.Shashkin, А.U.Yakovlev
11.Non-stationary dynamics of anisotropic Kirchhoff-Love type shel
N. A. Lokteva, D. O. Serdyuk, P. D. Skopintsev
12.Еuler-bernoulli cantilever beam bending considering the inner diffusion flows finite propagation speed
A. V. Zemskov, G. M. Faykin
13.Dynamics of hybrid hardening and viscoplastic beams under explosive effects
Yu. V. Nemirovskii
14.To the study of the natural seismic tension of geological massifs
M. V Zaretskaya
15.Model of adhesive polymer bonding
M. N. Perelmuter
16.Simulation the deformation and damage of a rock massive containing a cavity
V. A. Trofimov, I. E. Shipovskii
17.Application of the refined asymptotic model for describing of the transient extensional edge wave exited by a tangential load applied to the edge
G. N. Belostochny, M. V. Wilde, M. Yu. Surova
18.Formulation of the problem of finite deformations of a semi-toroidal shell under the internal pressure
V. V. Kozlov, A.A. Markin, V. E. Petrova
19.Mathematical modeling of transfer intensive of edges of spatial cracks on the fronts of longitudinal and shear waves by a ray method
M.I.Bykova, N.D.Verveiko, S.E.Krupenko, A.I.Shashkin, S.A.Shashkina
20.Biaxial tension of a thin plate made of elastoplastic material under the condition of resistance to separation
S. V. Matveev, A. N. Matveeva

Number: 4(46) Year: 2020 Amount articles: 20