Vestnik I. Yakovlev Chuvach State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of a limit state

Bulletin of the Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of Limit State

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Metadata (abstracts and keywords) for the articles in the journal

Number: 1(23) Year: 2015 Amount articles: 15
1.Finite strains and extrastrains of type-ii thermoelastic continuum with fine microstructure
Radayev Y. N., Kovalev V. A.
2.Magnetic pulse treatment of metals - features investgation
Treshchev A. A., Leonov V. M.
3.The numerical and analytical solution of flat tasks of the theory of cracks in the mixed statement
Spiridonova E. V.
4.On the various methods of adaptation of frontline ray expansions scheme in the problems of the axisymmetric dynamics of nonlinear elastic medium
Ragozina V.E., Ivanova Y.E.
5.Thermoelastic deformation of the cylindrical shell made of anisotropic different resistant material
Spasskaya M.V., Treschev A.A.
6.On elastoplastic torsion of rod under the action of a pressure changing along the generatrix
Senashov S. I., Gomonova O. V.
7.Examples of analytical solutions is inversely symmetric boundary-value problem of elasticity theory in rectangle
Semenova I. A.
8.Contact problem for partial interaction of rectilinear cracks faces in the strip at non-uniformly heating
Abiyev T. K.
9.About periodic solutions of filon – ribiere for two-dimensional problems of elasticity theory
Menshova I. V.
10.New effective method for solving a class of mixed boundary value problem
Kuliev V. D.
11.Growth of crack with interfacial bonds in end zones in a uniformly rotating annular disk
Kalantarly N. M.
12.Contact problem of effect by local change of plate thickness on the crack
Veliev F. E.
13.Limit state of an inhomogeneous pipe under internal pressure
Nikitin A. V.
14.Limiting elastic state of compressed ring plates with various structures of reinforcing
Nemirovsky Y. V.
15.The question of torsion anisotropic bars
Mironov B. G., Mitrofanova T. V.

Number: 1(23) Year: 2015 Amount articles: 15