Vestnik I. Yakovlev Chuvach State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of a limit state

Bulletin of the Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University. Series: Mechanics of Limit State

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Metadata (abstracts and keywords) for the articles in the journal

Number: 4(38) Year: 2018 Amount articles: 11
1.On the theory of the Coulomb–Mohr media and generalized Prandtl plastic solids
Y. N. Radayev
2.Extreme durability of hybrid farm designs
Yu. V. Nemirovskii
3.Theoretical and experimental study of the effect of changes in the parameters of the interphase zone of the cured polymeric composite material under the action of microwave radiation on its strength characteristics
I. V. Zlobina, K. S. Bodyagina, S. P. Pavlov, N. V. Bekrenev
4.To a question of torsion of non-uniform prismatic cores in case of transmitting anisotropy
E. A. Derevyannih, A. N. Maksimov, T. V. Mitrofanova
5.Influence of granulometric composition and extrusion ratio of the waxy materials on the geometry of extended compact by extrusion forming
S. G. Zhilin, N. A. Bogdanova, O. N. Komarov
6.Retardation of growth of curvilinear crack with interfacial bonds by heat stress field
A.B. Mustafayev
7.On the plastic flow of the flange during thin-walled cylinder shell drawing with Mises yield ciretion
R. I. Nepershin
8.Determination of the stress state in the plastic region of a thick-walled pipe under the condition of plasticity of translational anisotropy and Mises–Hill anisotropy
S. O. Fominykh
9.Investigation of the stress-strain state ceiling, consisting of concrete, gypsum partition blocks
L. A. Maksimova, E. G. Gonik, M. A. Smolenceva
10.On the ideal plastic half-space indentation by the with contact friction consideration
R. I. Nepershin
11.Method of approximate calculation on stability for cross-bending of thin-wall cylindrical shells of middle length filled with loose material
M. V. Petrov, T. G. Fedorova, E. G. Gonik, N. G. Pfanenshti

Number: 4(38) Year: 2018 Amount articles: 11